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Bang To The Thang, Interactive, inclusive, instructive, hands on and educational children's show using tons of drums and percussion!

Fizz!  Bubbling, hissing, Boom!
 Drums and percussion!
 The science of sound!   Very Interactive, inclusive, instructive!
 Hands on educational children's show!  
Tons of professional drums and percussion!
 Kids are the creators creating rhythms
using my professional percussion instruments!
 Reading words, notes and even faces!
Seeing what you hear
and hearing what you see!
  I'll teach them how to read, how to listen,
how to play and how to think how to perform!
This is how it works!
5 to 8 kids at a time come up to the stage
 and I dress them up
in cool vests, a hat and a drum stick.
 I give them a simple rhythm to play,
 add a little choreography with
"Sticks" in the air!
 They spin this way then that way
while I'm playing my golden trumpet!
 Then they stand in front of the drums,
 we all take a bow while the parents
take pictures!
It's really a hoot!
It's all about the kids performance,
that's what makes it spectacularly special!
  The kids line up and can hardly wait to get their turn!





Mr. Pickles has 9 poem stories set to music! In addition he has large table top books to look at! English and Spanish for all the kids to enjoy!

Mr. Pickles Coloring Books!

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